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Sustainability: A true commitment

At Eastech Electric SAU, sustainability is more than a fashion word; it is a promise for future. Our company not only focuses on eco-friendly operations, but also leads the way in implementing practices that contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This article explores Eastech's various initiatives on its journey towards a "0" carbon footprint.

Self-consumption Solar Photovoltaic Installation

One of our most outstanding actions is the installation of our solar PV system (open link in a new tab) for slef-consumption.This installation, consisting of 6 x 540W and 6 x 460W solar PV panels, a Deye 5kW hybrid inverter and two 5kW batteries, drastically reduces our dependence on traditional grid power. The technical details of this installation not only demonstrate our technical capability, but also our dedication to the environment.

Contributions from Eastech Corporate Group

As part of a wider business group, Eastech has invested in solar PV installations in different locations. This investment not only reflects our commitment to the environment, but also enriches the country's energy pool with clean, renewable energy. These initiatives represent a significant step towards a sustainable future.

Sustainable "0" Label Vehicle Fleet

In our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we have implemented a fleet of vehicles labelled as "0" emissions. This measure ensures that our logistics operation is environmentally friendly, aligning with our mission to promote sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.

Moving Towards a "0" Carbon Footprint

At Eastech, we are firmly committed to achieving a "0" carbon footprint. This ambitious goal is reflected not only in our current operations, but also in our future plans. We are exploring new technologies and strategies to further improve our efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmental Education & Awareness

Besides our operational initiatives, Eastech is dedicated to promoting environmental education and awareness. We organise workshops and seminars on sustainability and energy efficiency, not only for our employees but also for the community. We believe that knowledge is key to driving positive change.

Associations and Partnerships

Our sustainability journey also involves strategic collaborations with other companies and organisations. These partnerships allow us to share knowledge, resources and best practices, thereby broadening our impact on environmental protection.

At Eastech Electric SAU, sustainability is not just part of our business strategy; it is a philosophy that runs through every level of our organisation. From our solar installations to our eco-friendly vehicle fleet, every initiative reflects our relentless commitment to a greener planet and a healthier community. We will continue to lead by example, committed to innovating and upgrading for a sustainable future.