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About us

Eastech Electric SAU was born in 2007 with the aim of becoming the leader in manufacturing, marketing and consulting in the field of renewable energies, particularly in photovoltaic (PV) solar energy.

Today, Eastech Electric SAU is one of the Spanish leaders in the supply of off-grid low power solar panels(3Wp, 5Wp, 10Wp, 20Wp, 30 Wp, 50Wp, 100Wp y 160Wp), to power different types of electric infrastructures, such as telecommunication stations, electric fences, road signs, trackers, etc. Our panels guarantee high efficiency of the cells, both polycrystalline and monocrystalline, depending on the model and power, all of them being able to work with batteries or DC 12V accumulators.

For the implementation of solar self-consumption installations, we provide our wholesale customers with the following services: 120 HC on-grid monocrystalline solar panels and 144 HC half-cell panels from 410 W to 550 W.

We also offer a wide range of connectors, both with and without fuses, with an innovative tool that allows the coupling and uncoupling of the connector.

As a new feature of 2024, we have introduced a new line of microinverters, inverters and solar charge controllers, developed exclusively by one of the leading electronics manufacturers in Asia.

Eastech Electric S.A.U. is formed by a team of multidisciplinary experts in their respective fields who guarantee the best quality of the product and directly supervise all processes: Technical, Quality, Manufacturing, Packaging, and Transport & Customs.

From cutting-edge solar panels to integrated systems for off-grid and on-grid systems, Eastech Solar is committed to technology that promotes energy self-sufficiency and respect for our planet.

Check out our Corporate Presentation (Spanish) to learn how our initiatives are having a major impact on the development of clean and sustainable energy sources.