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Dossier Corporativo Eastech Electric

Eastech Electric SAU Dossier

Since its foundation in 2007, Eastech Electric SAU has been aware that solar energy is not a passing trend, but the path towards a cleaner and more self-sufficient energy system. Our corporate dossier is a testament to this journey and a roadmap to the future we are building. Within it, we outline not only our history and growth, but also the innovations that place us at the forefront of the solar energy sector.

In our presentation we show how we have expanded our product catalogue to include self-consumption solutions, solar inverters and energy storage technologies, each designed to optimise efficiency and facilitate the transition to renewable energies.

Our catalogue reflects our dedication to quality and innovation. Eastech Electric solar panels, from small off-grid models to robust on-grid systems, are the result of meticulous engineering commitment to sustainability. With a distribution network spanning from Europe to Asia, and partnerships with market leaders such as Deye, we ensure an offer that not only meets our customers' expectations but also pushes the industry to new horizons.

As you read our presentation, you will discover the benefits of our new solar modules, designed to withstand extreme mechanical loads and deliver exceptional performance under shade. In addition, our technology roadmap highlights how the efficiency of our products continues to exceed industry standards, while, for example, our optional guarantee extension for Deye by Eastech Electric SAU inverters underlines our commitment to customer´s comfort and satisfaction.

At Eastech Electric SAU we believe that the future of energy is now. With increasingly competitive prices and rapidly advancing technology, solar energy is an increasingly viable and attractive option. Our systems not only generate significant savings for households and businesses, but also contribute to energy independence and eco balance.

We invite you to explore the presentation and join us in our mission to sustainably power the world. Eastech Electric doesn't just provide solar products; we offer a vision of a brighter, greener future. Find out how, together, we can light the way to sustainability.

You can check our corporative dossier here.