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MPPT charge controller

Reference: 23000003

MPPT SR-MT2410N10 charge controller has the following features:

  1. Double-peak or multi-peak tracking technique, which is used when a part of the solar panel is shaded or parts of the panel are damaged.
  2. Maximum power point tracking algorithm to improve the power efficiency of the PV system. The charging efficiency is 15%~20% higher than PWM mode.
  3. It can reach the best working point of the I-V curve within 1 minute, achieving MPPT efficiency of 99.9%.
  4. It adopts advanced digital power supply technology which makes the power conversion efficiency reach up to 97%.
  5. It has four charging stages: MPPT-equalising charging-boost charging-floating charging.
  6. With the limited power charging mode, when the power of the solar panel is exceeded, the controller will automatically lower the charging power allowing the system to operate below the rated charging current.
  7. It has an error code indication, which helps the user to confirm the rated charging current.
  8. It offers several methods of charge control, which can automatically detect day and night.
  9. It also provides various system protection elements, including short-circuit protection, PV reverse polarity protection, PV overvoltage protection, overload protection or overheating protection.
Rated system voltage


Load current




Technical details

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