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Chint DTSU666 Wattmeter

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The Chint DTSU666 wattmeter is a three-phase meter that accurately displays the power consumption of the installation. Thus, the wattmeter transmits this information to the inverter so that the inverter can adapt the power output to the consumption at any moment. Communication with the inverter is via the RS485 protocol. This wattmeter is compatible with all DEYE inverters.

The Chint DTSU666 wattmeter allows not to return the excess of (unsused) solar production into the grid. It also allows the measurement of the existing energy demand and, thanks to the inverter, it shows the installation´s production capacities. In this way, a comparison is obtained between the energy produced and the energy required.

The main features of this Chint DTSU666 wattmeter are:

  • Three phase
  • RS485
  • Up to 80 A
  • 35mm DIN mounting
  • Higher accuracy than Class 1
  • Bidirectional measurement

Main functions of a wattmeter or smart meter

A wattmeter, also known as a smart meter, is a device that is used to measure and monitor electricity consumption in a domestic or business environment. This device provides detailed information on electricity usage, allowing users to make informed decisions about managing and optimising energy consumption.

The main functions of this wattmeter or smart meter are:

  1. Energy measurement: The wattmeter measures the amount of electricity consumed in a household or business. This is achieved by measuring the current and voltage running via the electric circuit.
  2. Energy monitoring: The wattmeter monitors energy usage in real time recording the data for further analysis.
  3. Data analysis: The wattmeter processes energy consumption data and provides detailed information on energy usage patterns, energy costs and carbon emissions.
  4. Remote control: Some wattmeter models allow remote control of electricity consumption, allowing users to adjust energy consumption according to the needs of the household or business.
  5. Grid connection: The wattmeters are designed to connect to the electricity grid and transmit real-time energy consumption data.

In short, the smart meter is an essential tool for the management and optimisation of electricity consumption in households and enterprises. It provides valuable information on energy usage, enabling users to make better-informed decisions to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.

Max. continuous current measurement (A)


DC voltage measurement between phases


Direct phase-to-neutral measurement


Active power

Class 1

Reactive power

Class 2

Power consumption

1.5W / 6VA

AC power supply input voltage


AC power supply input frequency


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (Kg)

0, 44

Installation methods

Riel DIN

IP protection rating




Communications interface


Max. number of devices


Regulated operating temperature range

-10ºC ~ +45ºC

Limited operating temperature range

-25ºC ~ +75ºC




3 years

Technical details

Download the Technical Factsheet of Chint DTSU666 wattmeter.