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Chint DDSU666 Wattmeter

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The Chint DDSU666 wattmeter is a single-phase meter that accurately displays the electricity consumption of the installation. The wattmeter reports this information to the inverter so that the inverter can adapt the power output to the current consumption. The wattmeter is compatible with DEYE inverters. Communication with the inverter takes place via the RS485 protocol.

The Chint DDSU666 wattmeter allows, if requested, not to return the excess of unused solar production to the grid. It also allows the measurement of the existing energy demand and, thanks to the inverter, it shows what the installation is able to produce. In this way, a comparison is obtained between the energy produced and the energy required.

The main features of this Chint DDSU666 wattmeter are:

  • Single phase
  • RS485
  • Up to 60 A
  • 35mm DIN mounting
  • Higher accuracy than Class 1
  • Bidirectional measurement

Main functions and advantages of the Chint DDSU666 Wattmeter

The Chint DDSU666 is a high quality wattmeter or smart meter used to measure and monitor electricity consumption in residencial installations and businesses. This device has a number of advanced features that make it ideal for energy measurement applications in any environment.

Some of the key features of the Chint DDSU666 are:

  1. Measurement accuracy: The DDSU666 uses advanced measurement technology to provide measurement accuracy of up to 0.5% under normal conditions of use. This ensures that the power consumption data recorded is accurate and reliable.
  2. LCD display: The DDSU666 features a backlit LCD display that shows detailed real-time energy consumption information. The display is also able to show energy costs and carbon emissions associated with energy consumption.
  3. Data communication: The DDSU666 can be connected to a variety of communication networks to transfer real-time energy measurement data to centralised energy management systems. This allows users to monitor energy consumption at multiple locations remotely.
  4. Data storage: The DDSU666 features an internal data memory that can store up to 12 months of energy measurement data. This allows users to analyse energy usage patterns over time to identify energy saving opportunities.
  5. Compact design: The DDSU666 has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to be installed in a wide array of locations. In addition, the device is weatherproof, being able to be deployed in outdoor environments.

In summary, the Chint DDSU666 is a high-quality wattmeter or smart meter that offers measurement accuracy, advanced data communication and a wide selection of additional features. It is an ideal tool for the management and optimisation of electricity consumption in residential installations and enterprises.

Max. continuous current measurement (A)


Direct phase-to-neutral measurement


Active power

Class 1

Reactive power

Class 2

Power consumption

1W / 8VA

AC power supply input voltage


AC power supply input frequency


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (Kg)

0, 21

Installation methods

Riel DIN

IP protection rating




Communications interface


Max. number of devices


Regulated operating temperature range

-25ºC ~ +55ºC

Limited operating temperature range

-40ºC ~ +70ºC




3 years

Technical details

Download the Technical Factsheet of Chint DDSU666 wattmeter.