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Reference: WIFI + Bluetooth LSW- 5

The Stick Logger WIFI + Bluetooth LSW-5 is an effective device for long-term monitoring and maintenance of a PV system. It collects operating data and the power generation status of the inverter, enabling effective monitoring and a clear understanding of the system.

The remote monitoring cloud platform provides powerful data support for the data logger, facilitating data transfer via wifi. Historical data and real-time system status can be displayed with graphs for intuitive understanding.

Customised alerts can be configured to notify users of any system malfunctions or deficiencies via SMS and email, enabling real-time management of the PV system anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, the integrated wifi module in the logger simplifies system maintenance, allowing smooth data transfer via wifi network. All in all, the LSW-5 WIFI + Bluetooth Stick Logger is a valuable tool for monitoring and maintaining a PV system long-term.

Remote communication interface


Work frequency

2.142GHz~ 2.484GHz


External omnidirectional WIFI antenna

Data interface

RS485 / RS232 / TTL

Operating voltage


Power output

1, 5W


2M Flash (2M-16M Optional)

Operating temperature


No. of connections


Serial communication speed

bps (1200-115200bps customizable)

Data acquisition interval

Default 5min (1-15min adjustable)

User settings

AT+ Instruction set remote server

Firmware update

Remote update


Real-time monitoring, data recovery

Technical details

Download the Technical Factsheet of WIFI + BLUETOOTH LSW – 5