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ST6 FMF 20. Solar connector with 20A fuse

Reference: 22000009

The ST6 FMF 20 is a MC4 solar connector with integrated 20A fuse. This connector avoids having to install a fuse box in PV installations, both self-consumption and off-grid, with the corresponding economic and time saving benefits.

The IP 68 rating ensures maximum protection and watertightness against all types of particles, such as dust and/or liquids.

These fuse connectors do not replace the MC4 connectors, but replace the DC protections, both fuse holders and fuses, which represents great advantages:

  • Lower economic cost. There is a considerable decrease in LCOE. This connector, with built-in fuse, can be used in self-consumption and off-grid installations. In the latter case, where the panels are installed in parallel, the wire cost is reduced as the wiring of the junction box is not necessary.
  • Easy to install. These connectors reduce the time required for installation.
  • Facilitates maintenance tasks . Eastech Electric has a universal key designed exclusively for solar connectors. In this way, replacing a fuse or connector is easy and safe.
  • Electric safety. The connectors have an IP68 protection rating, which guarantees the watertightness and sealing of the active leads.

1.500 VDC

Rated current


Operating temperature

-40ºC / 85ºC



Application class


Cable/wire cross

2, 5 mm / 10 mm

Flame class


Insulating material


Overvoltage category / Pollution degree


Salt mist spray test, degree of severity 6

IEC 60068-2-52

Contact material

Tin-plated copper

Contact resistence of plug connectors

≤0, 25mΩ

Voltage stress


Upper limiting temperature


Technical details

Download the Technical Factsheet of fused connector ST6 FMF 20.