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Toroidal Clamp TA36P5005A7C50C

Reference: TA36P5005A7C50C

The TA36P5005A7C50C toroidal clamp is a device for measuring the electrical current of a circuit. It is an open core transformer desisgned to be installed on a power cable with the ability to measure primary currents from 0A to 500A.

The TA36P mini transformer is a current transformer (CT) used to measure the electrical current within a circuit. The transformer ratio indicates how the current from the primary circuit is transformed into the current in the secondary circuit. In this case, the input current range of the primary ranges from 100A to 600A, while the output current of the secondary can be 1A or 5A.

The accuracy of the transformer is specified in terms of accuracy classes, which are defined by IEC 61869-2. Accuracy class 0.5 indicates that the current measured by the transformer can deviate up to 0.5% from the actual value. Accuracy class 1 indicates that the current measured by the transformer may deviate up to 1% of the actual value.

One of the main advantages of the TA36P5005A7C50C toroidal clamp is its ease of installation due to its plastic housing and its open core closing with a clip. Moreover, the secondary cable is already included, which further facilitates installation.

Measurement range



EN 61869-2

Operating temperature

-15ºC +45ºC

Storage temperature

-25ºC +75ºC

I. Rated secondary


Cable length

1 m




0,5, 1


5 VA, 7,5 VA


41,4 x 57,5 x 85,2 mm

Continuous overload

1,5 x In

I. Rated thermal circuit

60 x In

I. Dynamics

2,5 x Ith

Operating voltage

720 V AC

Test voltage

3 kV, 1 min


50 – 60 Hz

Technical details

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