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CT toroidal clamp

Reference: 28000001

The CTSA016 toroidal clamp is a fundamental component in any solar installation, as it measures and controls all the electrical consumption of the installation and allows the inverter's production to be monitored.

The split-core design allows non-contact current measurement through the induction of the magnetic field, without the need to disconnect the primary cable. This method allows for safer and easier current measurement.

The size of the toroidal clamp makes it ideal for small spaces.

Rated primary current


Rated secondary output

0, 333Aac o mAac

Operating temperature


Maximum voltage for UM equipment (rms)

≤0, 72 Kvac

Dielectric strength

4000Vac, 10s

Insulation resistance

100M Ohms @ 500Vdc

Box material

Clasificación ignífuga UL 94-V0


IEC 61869-1,IEC 61869-2

RoHS compliance


UL Approved



UL1015, par trenzado, 0, 34mm² (22AWG)


1000:1 2000:1 2500:1 3000:1

Rated input

75, 100, 150

Accuracy class

0, 5 1, 0

Phase linearity error


Frequency (Hz)

50 – 1KHz