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JustSolar 500W solar panel

Reference: 21000012-1

The 550W solar panel from JustSolar is suitable for large photovoltaic installations, but also for smaller and residential installations.

JustSolar's 550W solar panel model has 144 monocrystalline half cut cells and is characterised by its high efficiency and robust aluminium frame that allows the panel to be installed on different types of mount systems.

Main features:

  • 144 Half-Cut cells.
  • The module efficiency is 21.5%. The split-cell technology has many advantages, such as higher efficiency, as the cells can be placed closer together, maximising the use of the solar panel.
  • The robust aluminium frame ensures that the modules can withstand wind loads up to 2,400Pa and snow loads up to 5,400Pa.
  • Low degradation and excellent performance, even under high temperature and low light conditions.
  • Positive power tolerance from 0 to +5W
  • High resistance to extreme environmental conditions, such as salt spray, ammonia or hail.

550 W

Cell type

Half Cut-Monocrystalline

Cells per module



2279x1134x35 mm


29 KG

Max. power voltage

41,60 V

Max. current power

13,23 A

Open circuit voltage

49,80 V

Current short circuit Isc (A)

13,99 A

Maximum system voltage

1.500 V

Technical details

Download the Technical Factsheet of 550W JustSolar panel.