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LEFN 460W solar panel

Reference: 21000011

The 460W 24V solar panel made by LEFN can be used for both large photovoltaic installations and residential use.

Estos paneles solares de 460W cuentan con 144 medias células (half cut) monocrystalline materials, y se caracterizan por su alta eficacia y por su robusto marco de aluminio que permite instalar el panel sobre diferentes sistemas de montaje.

Main features:

  • 144 half cut monocrystalline cells
  • The efficiency of the module is 20.8%
  • The robust aluminium frame ensures that the modules can withstand wind loads up to 2,400Pa and snow loads up to 5,400Pa.
  • Low degradation and excellent performance, even under high temperature and low light conditions.
  • Positive power tolerance from 0 to +5W
  • High resistance to extreme environmental conditions, such as salt spray, ammonia or hail.

460 W

Cell type

Half Cut-Monocrystalline

Cells per module



2094x1038x35 mm


24 Kg

Max. power voltage

41,91 V

Max. current power

10,98 A

Open circuit voltage

49,99 V

Current short circuit Isc (A)

11,69 A

Maximum system voltage

1.500 V

Technical details

Download the Technical Factsheet of LEFN 460W solar panel .