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cómo elegir el mejor conector solar

How to choose the best solar connector?

Choosing the right solar connector for your PV system is a crucial aspect to ensure the efficiency and safety of the entire installation. At Eastech Electric SAU we understand the importance of this component and offer a wide range of solar connectors, both fused and unfused, to suit all the specific needs that may arise in a solar photovoltaic installation.

Solar connectors perform the essential function of linking the wiring of the solar panels, allowing the power generated to be transmitted through the system. The wrong choice could result in energy losses, reducing the efficiency of the system, or may even lead to safety issues.
Here are some aspects to consider when selecting the optimal solar connector:

  • Fuse requirements. Some systems may benefit from the use of connectors with embedded fuses, which provide an additional layer of protection against electrical overloads. Our range of fused connectors is large and flexible, suitable for a variety of solar systems.
  • Quality and durability. Given the fundamental role of connectors, it is crucial to select high quality products that will withstand weather conditions and last over time. All of our solar connectors meet the highest standards of quality and durability. All of them are certified by the distinguished TÜV institution. Moreover, we have tests carried out in SGS laboratories to measure and check aspects such as heating, mechanical, resistance and compatibility tests with Stäubli Evo.
  • Easy installation. A reliable solar connector should be easy to install and dismantle, making it easy to maintain the PV system. Our connectors are designed with this in mind, ensuring quick and easy installation. Furthermore, at Eastech Electric we offer an exclusive tool, ST4 Spanner, which allows the mounting and unmounting of the solar connectors, and is compatible with all Eastech models.
  • Fast delivery. At Eastech Electric SAU we have a large stock of all types of connectors and hoses, which allows us to deliver orders within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Tailored packaging adapted to the needs of the warehouse, minimising the loss, improving the presentation and cleanliness of the product and reducing supply and delivery times to customers.